X Spoons

X Spoons

Charms by: BassHeadBeads! Check out his shop here:

Wire wrapped and resin coated crystal spoon pendants (only resin coated over the wire, crystal and charm to protect from tarnishing and breaking the scoop is not coated so it is safe to use) and comes on a free cord necklace!

Option is NOT how many but WHICH ONE from the pictured spoon pendants, go left to right in the photo the first spoon is #1, the second one pictured is #2, etc!

  • Red
    3 available 100%
  • Blue
    1 available 25%
  • Bronze
    4 available 100%
  • White
    3 available 60%
  • Black
    Sold out
  • Gold
    4 available 100%