Luna Kitty Headbands: Butterfly Fairy Pt 2

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Luna Kitty Headbands: Butterfly Fairy Pt 2

The headband is entirely handmade! The base is a metal headband that is wrapped with ribbon and the crescent moons are handmade resin epoxy made via molds, resin, glitter, butterfly sequins, crystals, flowers, and dried moss!

They are attached securely then applied with another coat of resin epoxy after more ribbon and glue. I added ribbons on the end of the headband so you can tie it under your head so no matter how hard you hoop, dance, or headbang it'll stay on your head! You can also bend the metal frame of the headband to fit your head and adjust it via the strings in the back for a comfortable fit!

Glows from UV black light or natural sunlight!