Heart O ring Body Harness *4 colors*

Heart O ring Body Harness *4 colors*

Handmade elastic body harness with soo many hand hammered grommets and heart o rings.

Size: The harness has adjustable sliders on the back of the waist band and the back of the shoulder strap bands to adjust from and to the following sizes:

Choker: 11inches - 15inches
Waist of harness: see individual colors

This is a handmade item! Please hand wash with cold water only and air dry for best results at keeping the harness in brand new condition! Avoid washing the chain on the harness, if it does get wet it will not tarnish! **If it does go through the washing machine it will be fine, i've washed many by accident!**

  • Black (waist: 27-33inch)
    Sold out
  • UV Hot Pink (waist:27-39inch)
    1 available 33%
  • Red (waist: 25-36inch)
    3 available 100%
  • UV Neon Yellow (26-35 inch waist)
    2 available 67%