*Pre Order* Dripping Floating Shelves: Misc

$50.00 - $60.00
 *Pre Order* Dripping Floating Shelves: Misc

Custom cut acrylic shelf base with a handmade front resin drip design! Please read listing description before purchasing!

THE PARTS TO HANG THE SHELF ON YOUR WALL TO MAKE IT APPEAR AS IT IS FLOATING IS SOLD SEPARATELY ON MY WEBSITE!!! This is just Incase you choose to use your own form of hardware to hang up your shelf!

4 inches deep x 13 inches wide x 1/4 inch thick shelf

Pre-order shelves take 1-3 weeks to be made and shipped!!

Organize your belongs in rainbow style, the possibilities are endless on how to decorate your homes with these! One is perfect for a small addition to your room or fill an entire wall with a rainbow of shelves and go all out!!

  • White (w/ glitter in drip)
    9 available 90%
  • White (w/ NO glitter in drip)
    10 available 100%
  • Black (w/ glitter in drip)
    7 available 70%
  • Black (w/ NO glitter in drip)
    4 available 40%
  • Clear (w/ holographic drip)
    6 available 60%
  • Mirror (w/ silver rainbow drip)
    10 available 100%